Rainbow colors at company context? Sorry, I think #Atari was first. :-)

Unless you're logged into a website, there is no such thing as "necessary cookies".

LibreOffice's Documentation Team – largely driven by volunteers – achieved many great things in 2020! Get the handbooks they created, and get involved: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Weekly reminder that fediverse and the people at tilde.team (and their admins, like @tomasino and @ben) is the best thing that has happened to me in the last years.

You all rock. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, thoughts and shitposts.

Seems like most of society's problems stem from trying to distill continuous ideas into discrete states.

Hey community. The has a brand new wiki at tilde.wiki. If you're a member of a tilde you're welcome to request an account where you can start adding and editing content. This wiki is for the whole community, so bring along your awesome brainpower and fun ideas.

invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v= if you want to trip with no acids, you must have a listen! DJ Electric Samurai has a really good taste in music.

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C is cool because i can write fucking idiot garbage n^3 implementations and it'll still run faster than tightly optimized algorithms in any other language

I’m not sure whether I like this update or not.
I mean, the new icons look cool, but everything is now in Clementoni mode by default. I don’t know

Numerical Analysis exam: ✅​
Will to keep going: ✅​

The whole project is amazing! I’ve just checked their Bandcamp and wow

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Luckily my Discovery Weekly isn’t a complete mess and gives some good suggestion too.



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