"Desktop apps suck. Instead I want to have to build and maintain two completely separate codebases and then write APIs between them. The frontend should only be able to be run inside a container that Google wrote." - Web developers

Gopher: 361 servers as of Feb 21
Gemini: Over 1,250 working capsules as of this month

Crazy to think Gemini space has come this far

I may have a smooth brain when it comes to physics, but this is probably the best description of what "space-time" actually means that I've ever read in my life.


I remember very well how, for the first four or five years after the turn of the millennium, I had the feeling that nothing had changed. Then suddenly a new era kicked in. But it was very different from what I had imagined. I had had the naive belief that we were heading toward the future.

The amount of BS in the software industry is really enormous. Not that it's surprising. With things like #NFT and #blockchain this became even more obvious. The #cybersecurity bubble is also mind boggling full of hot hair.

It's extremely funny that Grant 3b1b during all his livestreams, every time he went "pick a number" and solicited answers, he had an explanation ready like "oh, 69! i can make a guess about why a lot of you may have entered 69. it probably has something to do with the fact that it's the first natural number where if you square it, and then cube it, those numbers include the digits 0 through 9 exactly once each. it's a fascinating number, that must be why so many of you entered it"

every single time, he had some fun fact about 69 to share as an explanation about why it was the most common answer

until late in the series when he was asking a question like "don't worry about getting the answer exactly right, i just want to know what your intuition for this is" and a bunch of people answered 69

"oh! it seems a lot of you have answered 69. i do have a guess as to why. it's probably because in this case, 69 is the correct answer"


I can't use "meta" as a content warning about mastodon posts about mastodon posts anymore because fuck facebook.

signing the statement "I own every NFT" with my own PGP key, thus becoming the true owner of every NFT (cryptographically verified)

Queer fediverse be like:

Check out my new album, "30 minutes of low bitrate white noise", available only on my gopher-over-IMCP server at epicqueergamer7hfai73pfam55oxhq.onion. Please connect only between 01:00 and 02:00 UTC for reasons I will *not* explain.

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