Lol @ the absolute look of disbelief some people give you, when you dont need to fly 5000 kilometers to have a vacation.

Like fucking hell, you dont even know what places are within a 100 km radius from your home. Try exploring those first

seems like its also the result of a lot of supermarket workers being quarantained... not making it better rly

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post-brexit uk has to resort to using "shelf fillers" to hide the fact that there are food shortages

posted on that other microblogging site by FranchiSeedsUK

watching germany discover cell broadcasts as if its some sort of technological marvel is simultaneously the funniest and saddest tech-related thing in my recent memory


i'm sure the starving kids in madagascar and his overworked (former) employees are really happy now

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oh he made it back safe and sound...
how nice for him

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The no-kink-at-pride debate, like the Lesbian Sex Wars, is a moral panic apparently initiated by progressive, marginalized queers. Like the LSW, its rhetoric is readily adaptable by the right, both in traditional conservative publications and by more chaotic agents like operation pridefall. What worries me is what happens if they start getting traction on Pride boards and proposing legislation.

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I wrote an article about the need for low-carbon and #sustainable #computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing.

In short, we need to dramatically limit the growth in emissions from computing, or by 2040 emissions from computing alone will be close to half the emissions level acceptable to keep global warming below 2°C.

And it is possible to do this.

Computer Science towards sustainable permacomputing
"Unrealistic" "People wont want that" "Too many assumptions about the future"

Computer Science which assumes everyone lives in VR in the future
"Visionary" "Futuristic"

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Als Wurstverkäuferin finde ich den Wolf gefährlich....wir gehen alle unter!!!!

tinfoil hat theory; audacity; nonsense 

the whole audacity fork kerfuffle is just a divide and conquer plan by musescore to make the forking effort unviable

Naming that software Audacity was never just a pun. It was foreshadowing all along

climate change 

cool. only took like >200 dead for my shit local newspaper to stop using images of people sunbathing when discussing the heatwave in the pacific northwest

Scavenged a working solar panel today! Granted... Its been part of a busted garden lamp so not exactly a powerhouse, but hey


Recht wenig Hoffnung für die Menschheit klimatechnisch gesehen

Wenn 130 Tempolimit und keine Kurzstreckenflüge schon Ökodiktatur sind, was sind dann erst Maßnahmen die wirklich was bringen?

life goal: infiltrate some place by saying i'm a pentester and need access to inspect this office's pens

semiconductor shortage?
nevermind! time to stock up on SSDs for more shitcoin mining!

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