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Als Wurstverkäuferin finde ich den Wolf gefährlich....wir gehen alle unter!!!!

tinfoil hat theory; audacity; nonsense 

the whole audacity fork kerfuffle is just a divide and conquer plan by musescore to make the forking effort unviable

Naming that software Audacity was never just a pun. It was foreshadowing all along

climate change 

cool. only took like >200 dead for my shit local newspaper to stop using images of people sunbathing when discussing the heatwave in the pacific northwest

Scavenged a working solar panel today! Granted... Its been part of a busted garden lamp so not exactly a powerhouse, but hey


Recht wenig Hoffnung für die Menschheit klimatechnisch gesehen

Wenn 130 Tempolimit und keine Kurzstreckenflüge schon Ökodiktatur sind, was sind dann erst Maßnahmen die wirklich was bringen?

life goal: infiltrate some place by saying i'm a pentester and need access to inspect this office's pens

semiconductor shortage?
nevermind! time to stock up on SSDs for more shitcoin mining!

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Und als großes Dankeschön dafür aus Dummheit, aus Kalkül und aus krimineller Ignoranz immer ein maximal gut geschnürtes Ausnahmenpaket, nie aber einen echten Lockdown gehabt zu haben gibt es demnächst für alle und gratis:
TRIAGE - Das spannende Gesellschaftspiel für Jung und Alt.

germany politics rant 

The problem with the stupid "osterruhe" was that a single additional day without work would not be enough to lower the virus' spread.
Is talking about shutting down everything except the essentials for weeks. Weeks! That's what it would take. Seeing our country's inability to provide even a single additional day without work just robs all hope for this to ever be over honestly...

i really appreciate the nordic gamer meme. makes it easy to spot reactonaries who have no basis for their arguments

who would win in a fight?
- me and my desire to self-host
- my isp who is not providing public addresses any longer


idk why but i just listened to a podcast of 4 machine learning dudes who were raving about the senseless amount of $$$ they earn without really understanding their field.
thanks for burning all that energy training sh*t models!

my sin for today: moved postgres to an nvme drive instead of optimizing my sql queries. its blazing fast for almost 0 effort tho

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The next release of OpenBSD will be 6.9.

I'm sure it'll be *nice*. :byebrows:

masto instance for the tildeverse